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PKUers and their families know the support of the PKU community is critical to successfully manage this condition. And thanks to the local affiliates who created NPKUA, we now have an organization who provides support and education, and also advocates on our behalf. NPKUA gives each of us in our small community a voice. 

Coordinating research efforts is also a key objective of NPKUA. We know that the current treatments are simply not good enough to avoid some diminishment of executive function and IQ. We also know that advancing PKU research will not occur by chance. Through NPKUA, those committed to advancing research can direct their private philanthropic support to pursue strategies in advancing therapies and finding a cure. 

From a standing start 8 years ago, our collective efforts have resulted in the investment of more than $2 million in research projects. But there is still more we must do to fund promising research that will lead to new therapy discoveries and a cure. 

We hope that everyone connected to PKU will do what they can to help advance NPKUA’s mission.

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Recognition Society

Joining the Asbjørn Følling Society at $1000 or more is your opportunity to help advance PKU research. Your membership is a symbol of commitment to PKU research and your belief that better treatments can be found, and that your support will lead to a cure.

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