One of the main reasons why the National PKU Alliance was formed was to create a national research program to help drive more research for phenylketonuria and accelerate the timeline for a cure. By creating a centralized program, local PKU organizations can now combine all of their research money together and make a larger impact on supporting research that will bring about better treatment options and an eventual cure for PKU. Since our inception, NPKUA member organizations and individuals raised more than $500,000 for the NPKUA Research Program.

The overall funding strategy of the NPKUA is to support research that will promote advances in the treatment and management of phenylketonuria, with the long term goal of facilitating the development of a cure. To provide guidance on how to best achieve this goal the NPKUA established a Scientific Advisory Board made up of key thought leaders to help guide the Alliance's support for research in the PKU arena.

A summary of current funded research projects can be found HERE



We recently completed the grant cycle for 2014. To see previous RFP guidelines click on links below. Proposals for 2015 will be due later this year.

Click here for the research project RFP guidelines.

Click here for the post-doctoral fellowship RFP guidelines.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting Christine Brown, Executive Director of the NPKUA at 715-437-0477.

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