This special scholarship is in memory of Richard Koch, M.D., who dedicated his professional life to the study and treatment of metabolic disorders, especially PKU.  His landmark NIH "Collaborative Study of Children Treated for Phenylketonuria" (1967-1984) paved the way to the understanding and optimal treatment of infants and children with PKU.  This ultimately led to his interest in infants born to mothers with PKU and another NIH grant to study "The Effects of Maternal PKU on Pregnancy Outcome" (1984-2002), which showed that women with PKU could have normal children if they maintained recommended blood phe levels during pregnancy. He took pride in seeing the healthy, normal children of his maternal PKU patients and he took a sincere interest in all of his patients.  His dedication to his patients and his profession is his legacy to be passed down for others to follow their dream.

The NPKUA, with the generous support of BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc., is pleased to offer the Dr. Koch fellowship for a metabolics/genetic resident with a primary focus in clinical care. This scholarship is intended to honor the legacy of Dr. Koch while supporting the mission of the NPKUA to improve the daily lives of individuals with PKU and pursue a cure.

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Due date for Applications was by October 20, 2014.

Dr. Henry Joel Mroczkowski this year's recipient of the Dr. Koch Memorial Scholarship. 

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