PKU Awareness Year-Round

The NPKUA is committed to building a national awareness. We encourage local organizations, volunteers, and donors to come together to coordinate walks, runs, golf tournaments, picnics and camps to spread PKU awareness and raise funds for research because these events benefit you personally.  

It is these types of local events that have funded the academic research that has led to the commercial development of more treatment options for PKU – including Kuvan, PEG-PAL and GMP.  These advancements exist because adults and families came together on the local level to fund the work so these innovations could be picked up by industry leaders.

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Starting November 2nd and running until National PKU Awareness Day on December 3rd 2015, Nutricia North America is challenging the PKU Community along with their family and friends to a Pushups4PKU Challenge to help raise awareness and money for PKU. 

Nutricia will donate $5 to the NPKUA and CANPKU for each video of a person or group of people doing at least 5 push-ups in support for PKU. Anyone can do it! You can do the push-ups on your knees, on your toes, or even against a wall. For those who may be physically restricted, you can lift a can of formula in the air 5 times or get creative. Just be sure to hashtag #NutriciaMetabolics and #Pushups4PKU so that they can count all the videos. You can also post it on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Don't forget to challenge your friends and spread the message!

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What you can do to spread PKU awareness:

  • Wear your PKU awareness.
    Order a National PKU Awareness t-shirt here.
  • Hold an event.
    Click here to learn more about holding events to support PKU.
  • Be an advocate for people with PKU.
    There are many federal and state issues that affect people with PKU. You can help get our collective voice heard by contacting your elected representatives. Check out our "Take Action" advocacy page to read about the issues and learn how you can help.
  • Spread awareness on social media.

Facebook -NationalPKUAlliance
Post a status or photo that spreads awareness about daily living with PKU.

Twitter -@NPKUA_Info
Tweet about living with PKU. Use the hashtag #PKUAwareness in your tweets.

YouTube- NationalPKUAlliance
Watch and share the touching and informational video from the Tuxes for Tia gala. Copy and paste the following link into your personal website, blog, or even on your Facebook wall/Twitter feed.

  • Spread the word locally.
    Write an article or letter to the editor for your local paper, contact a local radio station or TV news station to set up an interview, distribute the PKU awareness flyer at work, school, and local businesses or make a presentation for your child's school/class.
  • Print PKU Awareness Stickers.
    Click here to print National PKU Awareness Stickers and support PKU December 3rd.



PKU Awareness Flyer
Download and print the awareness flyer to distribute/display at work, school, and at local businesses.

PKU Facts for Kids
PKU Facts for School Faculty and Staff
Download and print these fact sheets to bring to your child's school for a presentation on PKU.