More Phe, More Choices: Think Healthy! are a series of training modules for clinic or individual use, created by Laurie Bernstein, MS, RD, FADA; Sommer Myers, RD; and Casey Burn, RD at the University of Colorado Denver's Children's Hospital.

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Available Modules:

The Foundation – This booklet provides education in making healthy Phe/protein choices by answering questions such as: “how do I meet my protein needs”; what new foods can I add to my diet” and how does this affect my intake of medical food?”.

Generation XY & Z – This module was created to focus on health food choices for adults, who’s diet prescription may allow them to eat more Phe/protein.

Teenagers – This booklet was created for teenagers with PKU. It provides quick tips for making healthy Phe/protein choices as the diet may change throughout the teenage years.

Early Childhood – This early childhood booklet was developed to be used by families with young children for making healthy choices. Healthy diet education at an early age helps support the transition from a diet very restricted in Phe to a diet that allows more Phe a day.

PKU & Pregnancy – When making food choices during pregnancy, it is important to consider the nutritional benefits of the foods that you are eating. Throughout this booklet, you will find helpful hints to assist with your pregnancy goals.