Are You Grandparents of
PKU Children or Young Adults?

If you are, we invite you to join Grand Power! The purpose of Grand Power is to reach out to grandparents of children and young adults with PKU in order to provide mutual support, information and a forum for helping with PKU causes.

Next to parents of children with PKU, we are the largest group of knowledgableknowledgeable, dedicated and caring people. We have the time, we have the passion and we have the resources to help.

That's why we call this special group GRAND POWER!

When the National PKU Alliance was formed in 2008 everyone agreed that there is a powerful, untapped community of dedicated grandparents throughout the United States wanting and willing to get involved. Since that time over two hundred grandparents have joined forces and become members of Grand Power.

Under the co-chairmanship of Kathy Piziali (grandmother of Tia, age 9) and Tony Bamonte (grandfather of Matty J age 6) we have enlisted many grandparents to serve on NPKUA committees, provide valuable support for NPKUA special projects and kept everyone involved in critical PKU issues.

We are currently working on a way to provide even greater networking in order to share ideas and provide greater mutual support.


  1. To identify a community of grandparents who want to get involved and be informed
  2. To harness the time and talents of grandparents to help further the important efforts being made on behalf of NPKUA committees and special projects
  3. To create a vehicle for idea sharing and mutual support.

How would YOU like to be involved?

Serve on an NPKUA committee?

Help with important projects as they come up?

Share ideas for supporting our children and grandchildren with PKU?

Help with the NPKUA conference?

Be part of fundraising efforts?

Just stay informed?

Please let us know who YOU are, introduce us to your PKU grandchildren and choose ways in which you want to help. If you just want to receive information that's cool too!

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